Shipping to Australia

Many have inquired about whether the bullet planter can ship to Australia. While ocean freight shipments and true Australian distribution of the whole range is still about a year off, we are resuming shipping of the small planter via the US postal service. Up to five planters can be shipped in two boxes, so shipping on planters 3-5 is free. Please contact us with any questions. Thanks!

Hip Haven’s Ten Year Anniversary

Ten years, already? Like most of the best things in my life, creating and running Hip Haven has been incredibly hard work, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.  I have met so many wonderful people through this business. Without their encouragement and patience, I could not have made it through those learning-curve years. I am so grateful to all the customers, vendors, and friends for making it possible for me to have my dream job.

This blog will cover news items like product introductions and promotions, but I will also be writing about how the different products at Hip Haven came to be. All of them are inspired in one way or another by Midcentury Modern design, so there is a history behind each one. Since most of my customers are MCM geeks like I am, I think it will be entertaining.

I hope you will enjoy the new website updates, and that they make for a smoother shopping experience. Look for new items to be added regularly over the next few months and please continue providing your invaluable feedback as the site expands.

Thanks for visiting!

-Kelley at Hip Haven

Soft opening of new website will be moving to a new server at 10pm central standard time on May 8, 2012. During that time we may experience a delay in service.

Once the new site is up and running, we would welcome your input on its functionality.  The re-vamped site will have its official “Grand Opening” on May 24, 2012, our anniversary of 10 years in business.

Thank you for visiting Hip Haven!

-Kelley Sandidge


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